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First thing first. It's Kiah Amara.


'kaɪə ə'mɑɹə (like "Hiya!" - Neurodiverse, Queer, She/Her)

A proud Midwesterner, I was raised in a cornfield west of Chicago. I took my first "drama games" class at 6 years old and was immediately hooked by an activity that could challenge my growing imagination and allow me to people watch endlessly.

The pieces that inspire me illuminate the complex psychology and unique point of view of individual experience. From Fleabag in Fleabag to Mike Bartlett's "A" in An Intervention, I adore characters with quick wit, lovable sarcasm, and a dash of darkness. I strongly support writers who create women that are real people, full of variety, smart, strange, sexy, and a little badass. Bonus points for honest depictions of neurodiversity, disability, and lgbtq+. 

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Because, little dreamer, there is more truth in imagination than there is in "real life."

- erin van vuren

Current obsessions include all things A24 (Ramy, Lady Bird, Ghost Story, Midsommer), anything Phoebe Waller-Bridge does or touches (Fleabag, Killing Eve), This Close, The O.A., Humans, Brit Marling, Hannah Gadsby, Jenny Slate, and the Star Wars Universe.  

When not on set, I can be found practicing yoga and meditation, working with inclusion groups like ActionPlay and Co/Lab, playing D&D, knapping and napping, and running my artist collective and production group IndieVISIBLE.

I'm an adorable nerd girl and a whiz with a lightsaber, but don't let the glasses fool you -- my love of learning knows no bounds.






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