Dedicated to access, inclusion, and representation. 

Meet IndieVISIBLE, the artist collective and production group working to radically change the film and tv industry from a grassroots indie level up. We are committed to female lead, lgbtq dominate, ability inclusive, and welcoming process on and off camera. POC, lgbtq+, neuro- and ability- diverse ("disabled", D/deaf, Blind, limb diverse, having Autism, Down Syndrome, CP, etc) actors, writers, directors, production — we do it all and we do it together.

Diversity is all inclusive and we believe the stories worth making are the ones created and told by those who have fought to have a voice.

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Making Art Accessible...

ASL Performance Art

I'm a beginner in formal American Sign Language, but I have been using it for years to enhance my own musical theatre performances and as a neurodiversity too. Since moving to NYC, I've started working on song collaborations! It's a wonderful way to practice my ASL and encourage musicians to make their work more inclusive and accessible. Special thanks to my teachers and signing friends - so much love!