Back from China


What an amazing journey...

This was my whole family's very first experience abroad in an Eastern country and it was simply fantastic. From beautiful views and welcoming people to more delicious food then we could ever seem to eat - every moment was an adventure. As an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, I've always been fascinated with Eastern culture and religion and it was a joy to have the opportunity to explore it from truly a non-Western perspective.

The big news is that I'm back! After moving to the city in September and then leaving for most of October, I feel like I haven't yet had the chance to dive into the city. Now that I'm back, I'm taking classes, getting new headshots, remaking my website (hey look at that), and doing a whole host of other things to hit the ground running before the holidays and PILOT SEASON. I. AM. SO. READY.'s good to be home in NYC ♥♥

Kiah Amara