HELLO 2019!

It’s been a while, but I promise it’s because wonderful things were in the works

To kick off 2019 I’m making two major introductions!

  1. I can now announce I have been cast in an ongoing web series that I will join in filming this February. “Dependence is a dark comedy about a family that favors self-medication over therapy.” I will be jumping in as Laura and am thrilled to play another queer role! Dependence has already made some festival appearances with it’s first few episode and will have an online release date soon — stay tuned.

  2. 2018 saw the creation of IndieVISIBLE, a production group and artist collective dedicated to access, inclusion, and representation on and off camera. We started work on our first web series UP&UP which currently has it’s first episode in post production. Casting, filming, and production will continue on this and other projects in 2019.

IndieVisible long logo.png

For more information, sneak peeks, and opportunities, you can visit these websites:

Kiah Amara